Do not stare directly into the sun


Do not stare directly into the sun

Holidays And Events
The Great American Eclipse will be visible today
Hawaii was officially declared the 50th state on this day in 1959
Dirty Dancing hit theaters 30 years ago
Bo Burnham (27)
Hayden Panettiere (28)
Kacey Musgraves (29)
Usain Bolt (31)
Kim Cattrall (61)
Loretta DeVine (68)
Kenny Rogers (79)
Wilt Chamberlin

We need to talk about last night’s Game of Thrones (obvious spoilers)

Kesha’s latest album hit #1 on the Billboard 200 Chart 🌈

This new game lets you be in charge of your very own Jurassic Park

Emo legends Brand New have released their long-awaited new album (aj's note -this is very important)


RIP to legendary stand-up comedian and Civil Rights Activist Dick Gregory

Britney Spears opened up on stage about mental health and gave us something to talk about 

Joss Whedon is under fire and outed as 'not the feminist man he claims he is'

Game of Thrones actor warns us that winter is coming (IRL)


Just in case you can’t watch the eclipse

The internet is NOT HAPPY about this horse’s new haircut

The most Atlanta thing to ever happen happened (H/T Blake!)

Casual reminder not to use your phone while driving

The FaceDance challenge has us like 😵😜🤔


The Dodgers - still really really good

Things got crazy at this year's WWE Summer Slam

  Business and Technology  

Ellen Pao’s perspective on sexism in Silicon Valley


Counterprotesters seriously outnumbered an attempted Free Speech Rally in Boston this weekend

A long-missing WW2 ship was discovered at the bottom of the ocean



Lauren's out for the week, but internet brunch never stops- AJ, BrandT, and Jeff